Wednesday, April 14, 2010

About Suicides

There are times when I wonder what exactly is life about? I mean, the reason why we are alive is because we want to live, right? I could never understand why people take their own lives just because they say that life was not worth living ... In the ultimate analysis, it all boils down to this ... we live, not for ourselves, but for those who care for us. I have noticed that very often, people who take their own lives do so, not for the sake of those who care for them, but for the sake of the person they care for. Which is really weird for me to understand, because if a person does not care for you, why on earth would you care for such a person? Accidents do happen and I believe that if you happen to like someone mindlessly and that person does not like you back in any measure at all, then it is better that you forget that such a person ever existed, rather than snuff out your life for the sake of such a person.

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