Saturday, August 30, 2014

Resilence - My strongest point

Impossible is not a word from my dictionary. Do not challenge by limits, for probably mine start where your limits end. No problem was created for which a solution cannot be found. Just because I am not aggressive, do not assume I am a pushover, too many people will vouch for my unbelievable resilence.


It has been said for me, that I am very mild mannered and tend to be timid and soft-spoken. It is true, undoubtedly, because of the way that I have been brought up can never allow me to be brash and aggressive,  which is supposed to be a manly trait.  However,  in today's times,  where practically there is no distinction between men and women,  in the sense that most women are entering domains erstwhile the privvy of men and vice versa. To the extent  that business suits are now adorning many a female figure. Which does not mean much, because the lines that distinguish men and women, at least insofar as work lines are concerned, are quite blurred.

But, let me not digress, the fact that I am very mild by basic nature may be true, however no one really knows the full depth of my character. Since the author himself is yet to discover the full extent of his character, and he is obviously not in a position to intimate anyone else. 

So, CIAO for now. 

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur 

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