Monday, October 23, 2017

#Monday #Motivation 20171023

A wise man once told me "Son, there is great wisdom in asking for forgiveness, even where there is no need to do so." At which my counter question was, "Sire, I humbly accept your wisdom, but have only one question to ask, if you permit it."

"An intelligent mind does not question the wisdom, it only seeks to satisfy it's own intellect by asking questions only an equally matched intellectual can understand." Was his superbly motivational and inspirational answer that rings true in my mind to this day and perhaps, for years to come, that I have yet to face.

Many-a-Times, I have been told, that in some way, I resemble the illustrious Pandav, Sahadev, who would have all answers to a question asked, but none, if the question never became apparent, or was never voiced.

23-Oct-2017 | 10:48 Hours IST

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