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20191126 – Excel Accounting Management System

This is the very first look of the #Spreadsheet that I have just begun to design yesterday, which is going to be the #FrontPage of my new #Application, based on #FAS (Financial Accounting System), called #EAMS2019, short for Excel Accounting Management System in the year 2019.
You all know that I am famous for my #WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach, and also that I have always been #brutally #Frank and #Forthright, yes?
What then is so unique about this software? Well, for starters, it hopes to replace whatever Small-Scale #ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) #Software you are currently using, for instance #Tally.ERP9. But that is not all, I have the loftiest ambition of making it a comprehensive FAS and Income-Tax Preparation Software, which you operate yourself from your #Cellphone / #Laptop / #iPad, whether it is an #iPhone#Android#ChromeBook or even a #Tablet!! Not just that, you would be using the latest #Technology of #CloudComputing, wherein your data would be stored in the securest of environments, namely your #GoogleAccount, accessible from your #Gmail!! And that is not all folks, the #Graphic just tells you that it will take care of these things, namely:
(1) Concern Manager
(2) Chart of Accounts Manager
(3) Management of Master Data (like Employee Master, Supplier Master, Customer Master, etc.)
(4) Daybook Master (for e.g., CashBook, BankBook, Stock Register, Sales Register, Purchase Register, etc.)
(5) Accounting Voucher Master (Cash Pament (CPV), Cash Reciepts (CRV), Journal Record (JRV), etc.)
And lots, lots more! You will POSITIVELY enjoy this software, when it launches !!
So this is being just all of that. I don't know how long it will take to fully #Develop this #Software, but at least a beginning has been made. Cheers!
CA Vikram Shankar Mathur
26-Nov-2019 | 09:50 Hours IST
Posted by CA Vikram S. Mathur on 26-Nov-2019 at 09:50 Hours IST.
(The content of this page was initially targetted for my FBPage-SpreadSheetFormatting)

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